Welding & Fabrication Services in Gwbert

Fleetwood Marine Services Ltd is a team of highly skilled individuals who provide Welding and Fabrication services throughout Gwbert and all of the surrounding areas. For more information about our team or our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!


Welding & Fabrication in Gwbert


Have you been searching for a replacement component or need some welding on your boat? Let us know, and we will take care of it. We offer a specialist welding service and can fabricate replacement parts to precise specifications in Gwbert and all of the surrounding areas. If your boat needs lasting repair, fabrication or restoration work, just contact our dedicated marine welders to discuss your problem and book your boat in for professional, reliable repairs.

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Our fully equipped marine engineering, welding and fabrication workshop operates throughout Gwbert and the surrounding areas. Our marine welders and fabricators can come to you and carry out the repairs at any location in England, Scotland, and Wales. Contact us today to discuss your service or to arrange a booking.

Repairing Boats for Private & Commercial Clients in Gwbert

Welding and fabrication for boats involves the use of specialised tools and techniques to build, repair, and modify various metal components of the vessel. Welding and fabrication services may include aluminum and stainless-steel welding, custom metalwork, hull modifications, and more. High-quality welding and fabrication can improve the performance and appearance of vessels.

If you are looking for a dedicated, experienced team to provide professional welding, repair services, restoration or any type of component fabrication in Gwbert or any of the surrounding areas. Fleetwood Marine Services are available for all types of vessels.

Vessels We Work On Include:
Why should I consider Welding?

Welding is an important aspect of boat care. Repairing and maintaining metal components is made easier by the use of welding. Key points to bear in mind when it comes to welding in boat care include:

Fabricating Bespoke Components in Gwbert
When a vital component needs to be changed, the parts you need can sometimes be almost impossible to find.

Fleetwood Marine Services offer a bespoke fabrication service, you can rely on our team to fulfil all specifications with precision manufacturing and attention to detail.

We operate throughout Gwbert and all of the surrounding areas.

Why should I consider Fabrication?

Fabrication refers to the process of creating, modifying, or repairing boat components. Our skilled team are experts in craftsmanship and all of the manufacturing techniques. Key aspects & applications of fabrication for boat care include:


As part of our repair and maintenance service, Fleetwood Marine Services offer first-class welding services and bespoke component fabrication, available onsite or at your location anywhere in the UK.

Every job we undertake is completed to the highest of standards, following all industry guidelines and health and safety regulations.

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our fabrication and welding work.

Metalwork Repairs Carried out by Qualified Welders in Gwbert
When you need a reliable welding service throughout Gwbert and the surrounding areas, you want to know that the team doing the work are fully qualified and highly experienced, so that you can be confident the work will be carried out correctly. Fleetwood Marine Services are recognised by our many clients throughout the UK as being one of the leading providers of marine welding and fabrication in the UK.
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Covering Gwbert and the surrounding areas, Fleetwood Marine Services Ltd are an established, reputable marine welding, fabrication and engineering company with decades of experience. We service, maintain, repair and upgrade all types of boats from commercial vessels, crew transfer vessels and offshore support vessels down to pleasure boats, motor boats and dinghies. We have an excellent reputation and large client base throughout the maritime industry in the UK.

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